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In Queensland stygofauna are recognised as a factor for environmental consideration under the Environmental Protection Act 1994.

Knowledge of Queensland stygofauna has been limited but recent surveys have confirmed that stygofauna occur in aquifers that may be impacted by coal mining, coal seam gas extraction, and other resource developments.

The generic terms of reference (TOR) for Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) in Queensland include specific requirements in relation to stygofauna including identification of species likely to be affected by the project, and survey methods that follow best practice.

Subterranean Ecology has a proven track record with undertaking stygofauna surveys and assessments that fulfill the terms of reference for Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) in Queensland. 

Subterranean Ecology has undertaken projects in the Bowen and Surat Basins, and other locations east of the dividing range.

Field surveys can be coordinated with Queensland-based companies, including pump sampling and integrated water quality / hydrogeology surveys.

Stygofauna - Amphipod

Subterranean Ecology provides rapid identification of specimens to lowest taxonomic level possible, and maintains an extensive specimen voucher collection thus providing important regional context for EIS.

Our services and operations are consistent with or better than current best practice industry standards and guidelines.

Field Integration